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Serving TX including the Greater Dallas area

Crawl Space Repair Experts in Texas

Your local authorized CleanSpace® dealer specializes in the creation of healthy living environments for our clients. We focus on providing complete and permanent solutions, not just a quick fix.

Your local authorized CleanSpace® dealer serves Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington and surrounding areas for crawl space moisture control.

Through a combination of high temperatures and high humidity, Texas environments encourage mold growth, structural decay and poor indoor environmental quality in both residential and commercial structures.

To combat these problems, your local authorized CleanSpace® dealer in Texas has positioned itself to be the leading experts in air filtration and crawl space moisture issues.

Crawl Space Repair Solutions in Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth

Our crawl space repair system is a complete and permanent moisture solution. The system prevents the infiltration of warm, humid outside air.

By stopping the outside air from infiltrating, the system lowers the relative humidity within the crawl space. As a result of the lowered humidity levels, the system helps to prevent future crawl space mold growth and wood deterioration.

Perhaps the largest benefit of the system is an increased indoor air-quality within the structure. It has been determined that 40-60% of the air we breathe in the main floor of a home is produced from the crawl space.